You’re not in love

You're not in love


“…You’re not in love, you’re just hormonal. That’s all you are. This is what we’ve done to relationships that are supposed to be beautiful. Marriage is supposed to be a beautiful relationship, a lifelong relationship. But you watch these models on TV, women that are just throwing themselves at men, and all this stuff. You’ve developed this delusional concept of what it means to have love in your life. Our deen came to free the world from this nonsense. To free it, because we have a more mature understanding of what it means to have love in your life. I’m not saying you shouldn’t marry someone you like, you should. But there is a decency that you have to exhibit before that. If you’ve been in a relationship, or you’re in a relationship right now, nobody knows, only Allah knows and you know, just stop, just cut it off. It’s not good for you. You have to control yourself. Our deen teaches us self control. And if you cannot exhibit self control in one aspect of your life, you’ll lose self control in other aspects of life.”

Insta: @tasniagazi

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